On The Road

Remember you are on holiday so you are encouraged to ride at your own pace and to explore the places you find along the way that spark your interest. Be it an old village, outdoor café or an extra climb on the bike. It is all out there for you to enjoy.


Each rider is given a map of the days ride along with a description of the route. If you get lost, (geographically embarrassed), the route sheet contains phone numbers for both the crew and the camp for that night. You can also show the name of your destination to a local. They love cyclists so are always happy to help.


Our support vehicle has extra water to top up your bottles. We also carry a few spare parts, floor pump and a few spare seats if you find the going a little tough.

All our rides have free days where you can get out and explore the local area or town. Often people use these days to catch up on a little reading, relaxing or maybe do a little washing. Others get out and tackle another ride. Your crew are happy to make suggestions on what options are available.

Most days on the ride have set miles which get you from camp to camp. We then often include extra miles for those who wish to go that little bit further. This works well when you have a friend or partner who would like to come along but is not up to doing long distances.